Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where Is Spring?

I really do love living in Iowa. But seriously. It's spring. Go away snow!! I have serious spring fever and would love to be outside working in the yard and getting my garden ready to plant, but I guess God is trying to teach me patience? It's ok. I'll try to learn the lesson without much more complaining...

There are some advantages to being stuck inside all day - spring cleaning. I've been going through boxes and drawers and closets, tossing and cleaning and sorting, selling some stuff on Ebay, taking stuff to Goodwill, etc. It feels good. But I still want to be outside!

Last week I went to see my new family doctor. It was really difficult for me to truly say goodbye to Dr Hempy. She's been such a great doctor and I do miss her. But I guess when you move you have to do what you have to do... and Dr Huwe is very nice - and Casey likes her. Now, I have to do the same with the dentist. It stinks, because we had just started going to Dr Gilbaugh, the best dentist I'd ever been to, and then we moved... I guess while I'm on this line of thought - - we also had to find a new church. The whole search process stunk! We visited a LOT of churches, and a lot of different kinds of churches. We finally have ended up at Heartland Vineyard, and love it! God definitely led us there, because we weren't even going to visit - it was all kind of a fluke. But I guess it was a devine fluke. For which I'm grateful!

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