Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Weekend

Casey and I went down to my mom's and spent the weekend with her. It was fun. Usually when we go down, I end up going out with my friends at least one of the nights, but not this time. And it was good. I enjoy spending time with my mom and so does Casey. This was a short conversation Casey and I had while at Nana's:

Casey: "Where's Nana's compooter?"
Mom: "She doesn't have one. She doesn't have a TV either."
Casey: "We need to buy her one."
Mom: "But she doesn't want one."
Casey: "Yes she does."

Oh, the innocence of children...

We had a tea party with Nana. She made cute little pb&j sandwiches and muffins, and of course we had water for our tea. Nana gave us each a little sandwich, but when Nana took a bite of hers, Casey said, "No! That's my sanwich!" To which Nana replied, "There's enough for all of us, Casey." But Casey insisted, and reached over and took Nana's sandwich! She then proceeded to grab each little sandwich on the plate and take a nibble so that she wouldn't have to share any of them! I don't think she gets the concept of a tea party at all... I guess we'll have to more tea parties so that she figures it out. It was fun.

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Marner Family said...

To, cute ... it was so nice to see you guys again. Happy we can keep in contact this way. I should be a better friend and call more often ... how is it we just let our lives get to busy for us to stop an connect. Well anyways, I so enjoyed seeing your faces Sunday. Take care ... looking forward to more cute "Casey" stories. -b