Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here We Go!

Well, here goes. This is my humble attempt at keeping friends and family updated as to what is going on in our lives. I feel like I should wax poetic here, but am lacking the words. So let me just say that I will try to keep this as current as possible, unlike my myspace page...

Life is going well. I think we've adjusted to living in town, although I must say that I miss being able to go outside without being "properly" dressed...but that's probably a good thing. We are making great progress on the house!

For those of you who haven't seen what we bought - here it is! The lovely "crack" house, as Chris likes to call it.
We've since put in all new windows, but the majority of the work has been on the inside. Chris is hoping to have us all sleeping upstairs by Christmas. Needless to say, we are very tired of sleeping in the living room! My mom came up and helped me paint. I love our colors!

This is Casey's room. She LOVES the purple and shows
it off to everyone who comes over.

This is our room. We're going for an outdoorsy look,
which should make it a lot of fun to decorate.

Monday night I helped Chris blow insulation in the attic. We finished at 2:30am...but now it's done and much warmer upstairs. That was the last big nasty job that needed to be done, until the foundation repair... When we are all done, I'll post before and after pictures of each room so you can see and understand the full magnitude of this undertaking!

Now about life outside of the house. Chris is enjoying his job as a shift supervisor at Total Source Molders. Although, he's ready for this house to be done so that he's not always working - either at work or at home! I'm enjoying being at home with Casey, and all the joys and trials that come with it.

Casey is growing up so fast. It's hard to believe that she'll be 3 in just a few months. Although she likes to tell everyone "I'm Casey and I'm 2 and a 1/2". She loves to talk, read and sing. Her "reading" amazes me - she memorizes what I read to her and then "reads" it back to me, nearly verbatim. She likes to sing at the top of her lungs, and loves playing with her Little People and cars.

As for me, I'm making friends, which isn't as easy as it was when I was working outside of the home, but it's happening. I'm in MOPS again this year, and made the jump to the Steering Team. It's been an interesting experience so far - different - but I guess my only frame of reference is the Grace MOPS, which is outstanding as far as MOPS groups go. I'm still a Creative Memories consultant and need to prove it by actually getting some work done on my albums. I got a digital camera last year and haven't scrapbooked in about that the math on equals a ton of pictures patiently waiting for a home other than the computer and the Power Sort box...that includes the pictures you see here...


gynger ellis said...

Hello Faith,

I like your blog. It is very nice. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Faith,
I also enjoyed your blog, especially the comments and pictures of Casey!!
Aunt Colleen

sue said...

And I found your blog, Faith, because you are following Holly's. Interesting to see the pictures of Casey, because she reminds me very much of how Holly used to look. Must be some Swartz in her and in Holly.

Aunt Sue (to Chris, at least!