Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where's my Christmas spirit?

I'm sitting here wondering why I'm not feeling more "Christmasy". I mean, it's that time of year - every time I enter a store or even drive through town, I'm reminded of it. But for some reason I can't seem to find that Christmas spirit inside of me, yet. I say "yet" in hopes that it will show up soon. It is, after all, a Winter Wonderland outside - the weather is perfect for Christmas. And still... Maybe I need to search inside myself and find the true meaning of Christmas. I know, that sounds so cliche, but...I think it's true for me right now. What is Christmas? Is it all the decorations and beautiful lights? Is it the homemade and delicious food? Is it finding just the right gifts for all those people on your list? Where's Jesus in all of this? And how can I remember that He truly is the reason we even have this holiday? How can I teach my daughter that Christmas is so much more than pretty trees and presents?

I'll find it. Christmas, that is. I will. And with it - my Jesus.

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