Saturday, December 13, 2008

Here we are - only a week and a half from Christmas. I've finally found my Christmas spirit. (It was hiding in the basement with my Christmas decorations, and as soon as I got them out, it escaped...) I attempted to wrap presents with Casey, but she thought it was much more fun to cut the paper and stick tape everywhere. Thus greatly inhibiting the progress of actually getting the presents wrapped. At least I was able to use up nearly all of my 5 year old paper. Note to self: Do NOT buy the huge rolls of wrapping paper unless you want to be using the same paper for 5-10 years...

Today we went to Julie's house and made Christmas treats for our neighbors. I really enjoy doing that kind of thing, especially with friends. It's so weird to think that I didn't even know Julie a year ago, and now she's my best friend. I love how God works.

About a month ago, Chris bought a pair of "kid-friendly" scissors for Casey. She had discovered how to use mine and I didn't think it was very safe for her to be using a scissors nearly as big as her... Anyway, she LOVES to cut stuff. (Including her hair, it wasn't major, but still...) When she gets going, a room can very quickly look like a snow storm hit. I'm talking microscopic pieces of paper everywhere! My vacuum has been getting a workout lately. Here, she got into some old holiday stickers and immediately stuck most of them on herself, the remainder - well, you can see the scissors at work. You know, if I wasn't a mom, I would never know what this feels like. I'm so thankful to be a mom.

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