Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 2/20

I'm going to post my exercise progress - this should help to keep me accountable, plus it'll give me something to look back on when I need encouragement!

Day 2/20 The Firm - Cardio (Tuesday)
Holy Cow! It truly kicked me this time! I only made it through half the video (30 min). I just couldn't move anymore! I don't feel too bad though, because I mowed lawn at noon (20 min) in the scorching heat and humidity, went swimming at 2, then came home and did the workout. I slept like a log last night!

I've told Chris to hide the scale because otherwise I'll be totally tempted to stand on the stupid thing every day. That's what I've done in the past when trying to lose weight, and let me tell you - it does not help the motivation!

My schedule for exercise: (5 days a week)
2 weeks - The Firm Cardio
2 weeks - The Firm Body Sculpt
repeat above then start alternating with The Firm Abs for 4 weeks

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Prachar family said...

Way to go girl! I think after the mowing, I would have been tempted to call it a work out for the day!! Can't wait to hear your progress!