Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 3/20

Day 3/20 The Firm - Cardio
Ok, so I actually made it through the entire workout tonight. I'm sore, yes, but I made it!! Granted I didn't have a ton of other exercise today, but I'm not going to let that fact steal my thunder. :) Btw, it's a 58 minute workout, so it's not just a quick "pop-the-dvd-in-and-roll" kind of thing!

New subject

I love Facebook. Plain and simple, I'm totally addicted. I have found so many old friends that I thought I would never see or hear from again. People I've just lost touch with. One of these is a dear old friend that I used to write to ALL THE TIME when I was a kid - and even through High School. I lost touch with her after Rosedale. But then, because of the beauty that is Facebook, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that Rhoda wanted to be my "friend"!! I can't believe that I've found her (actually, I guess she found me!) after all these years - I think it's been about 17 years. I'm so looking forward to catching up with her again, and STAYING in touch this time. She was such an encouragement to me when I was a kid and such a good friend. She used to always encourage me to keep up and build up my relationship with God, and I find it so timely that now - when that part of my life has become such a struggle - God has helped us to find each other again. Thank you, God. You're timing is so impeccable. Why do I ever question it?

That leads into the next topic - my spiritual life/struggle. Why can't being a Christ-follower be easy?! I mean, seriously, why not? I go through my daily life, doing all the things that I do every day, and suddenly I'm tired and realize that I've done nothing for God. Why is He the last person on my mind, when obviously my life would be so much better if He were the first person there! I'm trying. I really am. I keep thinking that maybe if we could just get involved in a small group and be more accountable that things would change. But so far we've been unable to find a church that will actually put us in one. Who knew that it would be so hard to find a small group? I guess that needs to be my prayer - that we find a church/small group to be accountable to.

I don't mean to sound so depressing. I am enjoying life, after all. It would just be that much better if I could find my way back to a deep relationship with my God.

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