Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life is like a box of chocolates...

It's true, life is like those crazy chocolates - you bite into one hoping it's a flavor you like. It seems like my life has been that way lately. The chocolates haven't always been good. I find myself stressing about being a good wife and mom, and winding up being neither. At least that's how it feels. But things will get better, they always do. And even though "better" is relative, I know that God will make things better. I'll be able to live with my life and not dread the morning. Enough philosophy for now...

I feel like I'm coming out of my spiritual valley - after at least 2 years of it. Getting involved in a small group has definitely helped, although it seems like we haven't been there much lately. Having that spiritual input and accountability is something that I now realize I need. I tend to flail without it. Last week I was feeling really down and out, and a few different events really brought me to my knees. I was praying and begging God to please let me know that He still cares about me. Well, a couple days later, one of my dear friends let me know that she felt prompted to pray for me and my family. I cried; in fact, I bawled. God does care. I'm so thankful. Even when I felt that He had left me, He was really there the entire time.

So, my days are starting to look brighter. And it cracks me up, because the only thing that has changed is my walk with God. He really does make a difference. Wow.

Now, I think I'll just reach into the chocolate box without looking.

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Annika said...

Oh My, you must switch to jelly bellies, you always know what you're getting :)lol

Seriously, I know how you feel. When I take the time to make time for God, life is so much better.