Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adios calor y sol!

Ola! I miss Playa del Carmen. It was beautiful, with loads of heat and sun! We came home to below zero temps and 6 inches of snow... Maybe the winter won't seem as long since we had a "break" in the middle of it all? We went with 3 other couples and had a great time! It was sunny and 80+ when we arrived and it stayed that way pretty much the entire time. Every night we would walk from our resort down to Quinta Avenida (5th ave) and browse the shops and eat at one of the many restaurants. During the day, we either stayed at the resort, or took a day trip somewhere. Tuesday we took the ferry over to Cozumel and rented scooters for the day. Oh what fun! We rode all over the island. Stopping frequently for drinks, chips and salsa/guac, of course! I think I've consumed more chips and salsa in the past week then in the previous 10 years!! But it was sooo good... Thursday we spent the day at Xel-Ha, a water park of sorts. They offer snorkeling and swimming, cliff jumping, lazy river among many other things. It was fun, but Cozumel was better. All in all, I'd say it was a fabulous way to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.

Casey spent the week with Nana, and did very well. She missed us, but there were no major breakdowns, which was good. When we picked her up, she told me "Thanks for coming to get me!" She was very happy to see us and we were very happy to see her. It was the first time we've left her for that long (9 days), and I hope it's a long time before we do it again. I really missed her! What usually did me in was when I would look up at the moon at night - and think "I see the moon and the moon sees me..." ...her favorite song.

As much as I enjoyed the trip and the sun, it was nice to get back to my own bed and my own house. I'll post pictures soon. Oh, I'm going to learn Spanish this year. I've been saying for years that I would like to learn it and have never done anything about it. That's going to change!


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