Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And the fast continues...

Let's see, I'm now on Day 5 of my Facebook fast, and I wish I could say that I'm missing it, but I'm really not. I'm kind of surprised by that, but it also tells me that it was something that I didn't need to be spending that much time doing...duh! I've spent more time with my daughter, my house is getting straightened up and clean again, my tax stuff is nearly ready to send out, the MOPS directory is almost done, I've started working on a scrapbook and that's just the beginning! Now I need to fill more of my time with "God-time". After all, isn't that the purpose of fasting? Again - duh!

I've been inspired lately, to do more thrift store shopping. I'm already a bargain hunter, but I've never really tried to define and then actually dress in "my style". So I've been trying to find my style. In the past I've bought clothing simply because it was cheap and fit, but now I'm trying to be more particular in what I purchase. It's another reason that I'm trying so hard to lose weight this year - so I can find more clothes that fit me! My inspiration has come from this blogger: Juniper James. I love her ideas and her sense of style. I don't think I was born with a natural sense of style; however, I do believe that a person can be trained - and I'm working on it!

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