Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I love Spring! (Although Summer is still my favorite!!) I spent all afternoon outside. It was wonderful. I tilled up my little garden and planted lettuce and onions. And plotted out where I want my tomatoes and peppers to go once it's warm enough. Hopefully I can get to my flower beds tomorrow. I'm finding that there is something very therapeutic about working in the dirt. I don't know if it's the promise of food and flowers to come, or if it's just the whole idea of being outside without having to bundle up...hmmm - I think it's the last part!

Everything is starting to look so beautiful outside. The trees are turning green. The grass is growing. The birds are nesting. Flowers are blooming. Spring just oozes new life and I love it. God really knew what He was doing when He made the seasons - except I'm still not sure about the usefulness of a 4 month winter...

I watched a documentary recently about how over-processed our food is, and it really made me thankful that I live in a state that produces so much food - naturally. I don't have to go very far at all to get grass-fed meat or home-grown produce. I've become so picky when I buy meat in the stores - Did you know that most of the "fresh" meat at Aldi and Walmart, for example, is a combo pack from the USA, Mexico and Canada!?! Why in the world is this country buying meat from Mexico and Canada? Oh. My. Word.

Ok, I'm done with my soapbox for now. Can't wait to see where Bulaga goes in the draft tomorrow night! Go Hawkeyes!

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