Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Casey and I just got back from a week in Michigan. Chris' grandmother is living with his folks, and we thought it would be nice to go up and help out. I specifically went to help with the cooking and cleaning, and Casey went along to spend time with Grampa and Ganna. Casey had a lot of fun during the days with Grampa - he took her for a ride on the excavator, she really enjoyed playing in the sawdust in his shop - which made for a very dirty little girl. She also got to ride a 4-wheeler and pet baby chicks. She spent time playing with cousins and made friends with Armanda's cat, Igor. Needless to say, the week flew by and we are now home again.

Chris stayed home and, in his words, "made the paycheck". Hopefully, he will go with us on the next trip. I tried to have plenty of food in the house for him, since he's not known for his cooking. Unless you count cereal and frozen pizza...

Spending time with G'ma Eula was really a treat. She's bedridden, but has a seemingly good attitude about it all. I tried to make food that she would enjoy since she barely eats enough to keep a bird alive, and I think her favorites were the cookies - go figure. I think she's eaten so healthily for the past 20 years, that she rather enjoyed the "not-so-good-for-you" treats. I do what I can.

Now it's time to focus on life here at home. I really want to get outside and clean up my garden and flower beds, get some flowers, onions and lettuce planted, and mow lawn! I'm hoping that this weather is an indication of a fabulous spring and summer!

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