Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It's funny how I always think that things will slow down when summer gets here. I don't know why I usually feel that way, because I'm nearly always wrong about it. I mean, why in the world would things slow down when the weather turns beautiful and there are a million and one things you can do when it's warm outside that you can't do in the freezing bitter cold?! I don't claim to be brilliant...

Amazingly though, this week is quite un-busy. I need to get some grocery shopping done. I have one photo shoot. We need to go to the pool as often as possible this week because it's warm outside. I need to do the regular household chores. And that's all. Really. Of course after this week, things take off like a wild horse, but I'm going to relish every peaceful moment of this un-busy week. Because these weeks don't come around often enough.

Why don't they come around very often? Because I don't let them. Which makes me want to actually schedule these kind of weeks - and I think I will. Why not? I feel so much more relaxed, and it's only Tuesday. So, here's to a relaxing summer!

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