Monday, January 19, 2009

Thinking about goals

Lunch on the beach in Cozumel. Can you think of anything better?

I know that winter has to stay for a little while, but does it have to stay long? I guess on the bright side, we're about 45 degrees warmer this week than last... The snow is pretty, but this Iowa native is wondering why we moved further north??

Enough complaining. I'm in a "winter" cleaning mode today. It actually started last night, but is thankfully continuing today and will hopefully last all week! After a talk with Julie last night, I've decided that I was not born a "cleanie", I was born a "messy". Unfortunately, that just means I have to work much harder to keep my house in order. blah! I wish HGTV would send someone over here and get me organized...wishes....wishes.... I'm amazed at how much stuff we've accumulated over the past year and a half. I have a huge bag and a box that are being filled for Goodwill. And I just did this last summer - where does it all come from? My goal: get this house in tip-top shape by Casey's birthday! (And keep it that way!)

My other goal: lose 60 pounds this year! That's only 5 pounds a month, and I can do it. Thankfully, I have Julie to go this road with me, which will help a ton! Together, she and I could lose a small person - Yikes!! I've been saying I want to lose weight for years, and this year, is my year. I never had a weight problem when I was growing up, but then I got married and I think I just stopped caring. Unfortunately that has led to a 60 pound weight gain since my wedding day - 15 years ago - that's only 4 pounds a year. I'm trying to put my focus not only on losing the weight, but on a healthy eating lifestyle. I've gotten so careless over the years and I really want to change that. I don't want Casey to struggle with this like I have. I'm also working on being a more positive person, which will help me and my family more than anything!

With God's help, I can do it!!!

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