Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter and Loaner Cars

Today was Mops and I had the fortunate experience of driving a "loaner" car there. Now, I hope everyone has had the distinct opportunity to drive the "loaner car" at some point in their lives. It's always an adventure, because you never really know what to expect out of it or from it. I've often wondered how a vehicle from a mechanic shop could have so many "issues"... I really have no complaints about the one I drove today. It got me where I needed to go and back home again. However, it wasn't my own vehicle and that's probably why I never really cherish the "loaner" moments.

Interesting, that makes me think about my life... Do I sometimes treat myself as a "loaner"? Hmm. I like to think that I don't, but as I look at my life...I do. What a great reason to let God be in control. Let Him keep me cleaned up and fix what's broken. Because when I try to do it myself, I'm turning myself into a "loaner" - it's never quite fixed, just patched up so it won't break down right away - it's never quite as clean as it should be, just enough to get by. I don't want that. I want the new car. The clean car. The car I can depend on.

Wow. That was random.

Today was COLD again. I don't like winter and I don't like cold. I'm glad that Casey doesn't mind it. But I hate that I have to go outside with her because it's cold out there! But before you think I'm a terrible mom - I DO go outside and play with her when it's not sub-zero. And I will admit, that it's good for both of us - even if I despise the cold.

I had to throw this picture in because it reminds me that winter only lasts for a season. It may be a long season. But it's only for a season. (I'll keep telling myself that!) This was taken in Mexico in January. What a great group of friends, and what a good time we had! ;)

Summer is coming!


Anonymous said...

Faith, I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Makes me realize how lucky I am to have you for a "daughter". Getting even more of a peek into your heart and thoughts is really special. I can identify to being a messie.....I love a clean house, but it doesn't stay that way much, I guess it goes back to willpower for me in just keeping focused and a schedule. And as far as diets go....I had gained over 10 lbs in the last couple years and have been 'off the wagon' for too long. Hit and miss.....actually more miss than hit:) at Curves....I see Beryl there and that is fun. I was skeptical about their new book but it is much easier since it uses exchanges and has actually gotten me back on track and I've actually enjoyed good food Yikes, what can I say....I love food, and I almost had myself convinced it was okay, considering I am 'over the hill', but it does feel better. Maybe by actually comitting to this to someone, I'll actually get where I need to be and not stop when I'm half way there.
Thanks for being real, for being you, for long talks and for loving me bumps and all.

Marner Family said...

Must have been fun for you all to go down, you are all so lucky to have such a nice freindship! -b