Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hand, Foot & Mouth....

I can honestly say that I did not know what Hand, Foot & Mouth disease was until this week. It has to be among one of the most painful sicknesses a child can get. Casey started with symtoms on Friday afternoon - fever, not feeling well - and by Sunday night she had sores all over in her mouth, tongue & throat. Her mouth is so swollen, it looks like she got smacked in the face. And it hurts. They say this lasts 7-10 days and this is day 5 of pain and suffering.

Unfortunately for kids, this is highly contagious. The best way to avoid it, is to teach your children how to wash their hands. I would say that I'm a stickler for clean hands, and yet, my dear Casey still got this. I feel so bad for her, if I could take this pain away from her I would in a heartbeat!
Notice all the blisters on her lips and tongue. It really is a horrendous disease. Thankfully, once this is over, she won't have to worry about getting it again.

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